Add your mailbox to the iPhone's Default Mail Application

You can easily set up your Office 365 email with your mobile device:

  1. First open your settings

  2. Select passwords and accounts

  3. Click add account and select Exchange

  4. Now type in your Office 365 email address

  5. Your description is optional; I will leave it at the default as Exchange

  6. Click sign in

  7. Type in your password when prompted and click sign in

  8. It will say verifying and then you will see check marks next to your email address

  9. You will receive options of what in the account you would like to sync. We recommend leaving it at the default selection of all the items

  10. Click save

  11. Your account has been added and you will now see it in the mail application that you use.

Note: If it asks for more information to manually enter, see below:


Username: email address

Domain: leave blank